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These make great gifts for a celebration—birthdays, wedding anniversaries or simply lucky numbers.

Position your Glow Box near a window allowing the light to come through from behind and see it magically light up! It doesn't need to be directly on a window ledge, a nearby table or desk works well too.

Type in the number you'd like to see glow (maximum of 2 numbers), select the colour of the box and the typeface and we'll create a bespoke Number Glow box for you. 

Our Glow Boxes are made of sustainable sourced poplar plywood and are PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). They are hand painted with a water based acrylic paint. The coloured acetate film comes in four colours.

The Number Glow boxes are sturdy ornamental objects that measure 80mm (height) x 80mm (width) x 40mm (depth). They are not considered as toys for young children.  

Glow box colours 
Yellow, green, blue and orange 

Glow box typefaces
Shadow, Bungee, Coffee bean, Fancy




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