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Rosie Flo's Music

Product image 1Rosie Flo's Music colouring book
Product image 2Rosie Flo's Music colouring book the three degrees
Product image 3Rosie Flo's Music colouring book Jane Austen dance
Product image 4Rosie Flo's Music colouring book dancing on drum

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As ever, girls need no more instruction than “Just add heads, legs and arms” to get colouring and drawing – so creating wonderful characters and scenes for themselves.

This time, creator Roz Streeten turns her witty, whimsical eye to the world of music. Look out for a dress fashioned from piano keys. Watch people skating round a huge old 78 record. Enjoy the outfits at a 50s hop or a Jane Austen-style country dance.

Whatever your taste in music, this colouring book takes you on a wide ranging exploration of quirky musical ideas.

Printed in England on high quality FSC paper
Dimensions 20 x 20 cm

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